Virtual Apartment Tours in Winter Garden, FL

Screentime is an accepted part of all of our everyday lives: from remote working to gaming to food delivery apps, the internet powers nearly every aspect of both our personal and professional worlds. So when it comes to experiences like apartment hunting, it makes sense that the first course of action would be to virtually explore a potential home.

3 Benefits of Virtual Apartment Tours

View From Any Location

Virtual apartment tours in Winter Garden, FL, like those offered at Lakewalk at Hamlin, allow you the convenience of seeing all four corners of your future apartment right from your current space. You can hop on the couch or take a break at the office and dive right into the tour, giving you the opportunity to take a first look while avoiding scheduling and traveling. And if you like what you see, then you can take the next step and schedule an in-person visit.

Valuable Independence

If the in-person tour is the first time you see the space, you may be a bit distracted and overwhelmed—and you could forget questions or overlook ideas. With Lakewalk at Hamlin’s virtual apartment tours in Winter Garden, FL, you can explore the property on your own first—as many times as you’d like. Take a few passes through and gather your thoughts before meeting with a leasing agent to make sure you get all of your questions answered.

Visualize Your Space

If you’re looking for virtual apartment tours you don’t just want to see the property itself—you want to actually visualize what living there is like. Lakewalk at Hamlin’s unique 3D renderings allow you to picture the space as you would have it—you can envision what your furniture, décor, and belongings would look like, giving you an added dimension to your tour. Zoom in on the stainless steel appliances and the modern kitchens to picture where you would enjoy your morning coffee and take in the high-rise views and natural décor as you make plans for your first dinner party or get-together with friends. And you can experience all of that excitement without ever having to step foot outside!

To try the experience for yourself, select a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment floor plan that interests you and click on Virtual Tour. Contact a leasing agent at Lakewalk at Hamlin or give us a call at 855-931-0866.

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